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The FaithSite network of web sites contains copyrighted information and other information that is subject to various limitations and "fair use" guidelines under law. The content on these sites is copyrighted under the United States copyright laws. No copying or other redistribution by any method will be permitted without the express written permission of FaithSite.

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FaithSite does allow "fair use" for quotations, references, etc., as well as limited use of some content, by permission, for teaching and ministry purposes. Fair use guidelines apply for quotations or other extracts from the sites on the FaithSite network, and all references must be complete and accurate, and include "" and the site URL in the reference.

Additional Terms of Service

Users and publishers on this site agree that under no circumstances shall FaithSite be liable for content posted by a publisher or user on any site, and each site is responsible for ensuring that the content posted on their site is original or used by permission, and does not infringe on trademark, copyright, or intellectual property or other laws.

FaithSite staff may, from time to time, post images from our network image library in content.

Limitation of liability

By using this site, you agree that FaithSite is not responsible for the accuracy of the content of this site. Publishers and users are responsible for their own content and posts, and FaithSite may not be held liable for any content posted by publishers on the sites, or by any user on message boards, chat rooms, or other areas on our site.

Use of Email lists and Message Forums

Users registering on this site to post on the message boards agree that receiving email and posting on any forum in the FaithSite network is a privilege, not a right. FaithSite or any site publisher on the FaithSite network may delete a users registration at any time for any reason, and thereby removing the user from our email lists or removing the user's ability to post on our message forums.

In addition, users agree to refrain from posting of questionable content on the forums. FaithSite reserves the right to define "questionable", based on the type of site/forum in question, and our overall mission. FaithSite also reserves the right to place filters on the forums to prevent certain types of content, including language, from being posted.

By signing up to post on our message boards, you agree that you are fully responsible for the content of your own posts. You also agree that FaithSite is not responsible for the content of the message boards, nor is FaithSite responsible for content of posts by users on the boards. By registering, you agree that FaithSite, its principals, owners, stockholders, partners, consultants, etc. are not liable in any way for content on these boards, and that, regardless of the fact that we may, from time to time, delete posts or blacklist users for the overall usability of the boards, we are not responsible for taking any specific action with regard to any content posted on the boards by any of our users, all of whom have agreed that they are responsible for their own posts.

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