More of the Prayers We Offer
By: Tom Norvell

Content from A Norvell Note

Vol. 12 No. 33 | August 17, 2009

Father, thank You for hearing the prayers we offer.

Thank You for hearing me when I cry out to you, for listening to me when I need to talk, for tolerating me when I whine and moan.

Thank You for understanding me when I can╒t express or explain what I am feeling.

Thank You for hurting with me when I hurt, crying with me when I cry, and for laughing with me when I laugh.

Thank You for forgiving me when I sin, then when I sin again, and then when I sin again.

Thank You for never turning your back on me even when I sin after promising that I will never commit that sin again.

Thank You for blessing me in so many ways that I sometimes begin to think I deserve the blessings.

Thank You for reminding me in gentle, and sometimes not so gentle, ways that You bless me simply because You love me, not because I deserve it.

Thank You for knowing what I need, and preparing to provide for my needs, long before I even realize that I have the need.

Thank You for accepting my small bits of faith and showing me the amazing things that can happen when I surrender that little bit of faith to You.

Thank You for creating me with a tender heart and for sustaining that tender heart when hurts, disappointments, and unkindness do their best to harden my heart.

Thank You for those times when You just let me cry.

Thank You for reminding me that I am loved even when, and sometimes especially when, I feel completely unlovable.

Thank You for using me when I feel unusable, and even when I feel completely used up.

Thank You for protecting me, and those I love, when we travel through valleys of darkness and danger.

Thank You for giving me strength and energy on those days and nights when my energy is depleted.

Thank You for being kind with me.

Thank You for being gentle with me.

Thank You for being merciful to me even as You show me that You are determined to shape me into the image of Your Son.

Thank You for wanting a relationship with me and for making it possible for me to have a relationship with You.

Thank You for times of rest.

Father, thank You for hearing the prayers we offer.


Copyright 2009 Tom Norvell. All rights reserved.