The Newest Member Of Our Family

Content from Sincerely Sandy

I am a grandmother again for the fifth time. It has been four years since we had a new baby in our family. The children’s ages range from eight years old to almost 2 weeks old.

I was getting ready for my flight to see my newest grandchild when I received a call from my oldest granddaughter. She was livid. I asked her what was wrong and she said that she was very upset that I was going to miss her eighth birthday party. She reminded me that I had never missed one of her birthday’s. I tried to explain to her that I had given her present early so she could enjoy it while I was gone and I thought she had understood that I would be gone for ten days. She let me know right off that she was not happy about my missing the big event of her party.

I really didn’t give it another thought since I was anxious about my daughter’s pending caesarean . Of course, the soon to be eight year old got to see the baby before I did. She called me from the hospital and told me that words could not describe how beautiful the baby was. She was so enthralled with the newborn. I asked her if I was forgiven for missing her party. I didn’t get the answer I expected. She had it all planned out. She said, “If you left tonight (Thursday) and only stayed until Wednesday then you would be back in time for my birthday”. I laughed and laughed. I told her I couldn’t just up and get a flight anytime I wanted to and that this trip had been planned for a long time.

I did miss her eighth birthday party and was thrilled to be with my new granddaughter. The new baby had been wanted for many years and finally she made her appearance. It doesn’t mean I love the other grandchildren any less, it just means that being with her for ten days was important to me.

God has blessed my children with bright, healthy children, therefore blessing me with grandchildren. I love the newest member of our family as much as I love the other four.
I am truly a grateful grandmother, hence my name, GG.