Christmas Past, Present and Future

Content from Sincerely Sandy

Christmas 2008 is here. This is the present and again it is shocking to me that it arrived so soon. My mind and my heart go back to Christmas' past and I have such fond memories. When I was little we couldnít begin opening presents until our grandparents arrived. They only lived three miles down the road but it seemed it took them hours to get to our house. We always got everything we wanted and more. We were very blessed. I also think of the love we shared, the nights we drove around looking at Christmas lights and our mother making all sorts of Christmas cookies and yummy things to eat. Those were such good times.

When my children were small we had such a wonderful time decorating the tree. We usually cut down a cedar tree and our house smelled so delicious. The four kids were antsy days before Christmas. They each had a Sears catalog called the Wish Book. They couldnít share so they all ended up with their own catalog. I know they didnít always get everything they wanted but we did our best. I can remember when they got their first Nike shoes. I have a picture of them with blinding white sneakers on. That was a big deal back then.

As the time draws near for Christmas present, I ache to have sll my children together again. It isnít possible since we all live in different states. Although I would love to have them all together I think it is very important for them to make memories of their own with their families. I feel so blessed that have loving wives, husbands and these great, great, delicious children. What fun they will have and what lasting traditions they will make of their own.

The future Christmasí are unknown to us. However, we can count on Jesus who was born on a Christmas day. A child wrapped in swaddling clothes, with a mission to save us from all our sins. We only have to have faith to believe that God sent his only son to this earth for our eternally salvation.

Only God knows how many Christmasí we will be allowed to share with our loved oneís. So on the present Christmas day I hope every family has a wonderful day and find time in all the hustle and bustle to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and to thank God for loving us enough to send his son to die for our sins. What a gift that keeps on giving.