Silver Bells

Content from Sincerely Sandy

Listening to all the old Christmas carols takes me back to a time that I shared with my daddy. Daddy was a wonderful provided for his family, he was in love with my mother but he had an annoying habit of waiting until Christmas Eve to shop for her.

These were the days when there was no internet shopping, malls or magazines offering wonderful gifts. We would have to go “uptown” to the court square . All the shops would stay opened until eight o’clock on Christmas Eve. Daddy and I would finally begin our shopping around 7:45. He didn’t have a clue as to what to get mother. He wanted to get her a pressure cooker one year and I beg him not to get something so impersonal. We decided on a nice gown and robe. Mother was so thrilled with that gown and robe because she usually had to sew her own nighties. Another year he wanted to get her an electric skillet. Again I turned his attention to something personal for her. I wanted her to have things that other women got for Christmas. That time we decided on Este Lauder perfume. That stuff stinks to me now but in the 1950’s it was the rage.

Mother always appreciated daddy buying her the personal items. I always appreciated the time when daddy and I could go to town and walk the square. Christmas music would be playing over a loud speaker, we would stop and visit with other people and if we had time we would go into a drug store and get a coke float. Christmas Eve was my time with daddy. It didn’t matter that I had to wait a year for a piece of his time. It was worth the wait.

We stayed true to our tradition until I was a teenager and I wasn’t into buying things for my mother. It was all about me and what I wanted. During those years, mother received her pressure cooker, the electric skillet, the steam iron and one year she received golf clubs. Believe it or not the golf clubs happened to be the best gift daddy ever gave her.

Daddy died when he was fifty-three. A Christmas doesn’t go by when I hear Silver Bells that I don’t go back to those many years ago and can almost feel the crisp air, the excitement and love in the air. Mother said many years later she knew that I picked out the gifts daddy gave to her but it didn’t matter because at least he remembered on Christmas Eve that it might be pertinent for his well being to rush out and get her a gift.

In my hometown people no longer go to the court square to shop. They hit the malls, the internet and magazines. What a wonderful memory I have of those special days with my daddy on Christmas Eve.